Technical Talk

SecuRise Topology
Bridging the gap between security and vertical transportation.  SecuRise allows the security management system to directly interface with the elevator management system to streamline the process of getting authorized people into the building and to their final destination.  The system allows the security control point to be located outside the car minimizing travel time by allowing people to be routed to their floors in the most efficient manner possible.

SecuRise Features:

  • Browser based interface
  • Little or no operator intervention required after initial setup
  • Does not require server O/S for most applications
  • MSSQL Database, Express or full version
  • TCP/IP connectivity between the security and elevator controls
  • No relays required for elevator interface
  • Operational modes (modes can be combined)
    • Multi floor – allows users with access to multiple floors to select the floor they are going to
    • Turnstile/Direct – automatically selects the floor for the individual user
  • Supports automatic scheduling for secured or free operation
  • Support for holiday scheduling
  • Support for visitor elevator access
  • Card technology independent - supports all major card types including keypads and biometrics
  • Unlimited number of floors

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • IIS 7.5 or above

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